Wild Mountain Thyme
Дикая парочка

Romance, drama

Ireland, UK
2020, 16+
1h 42 min

Director: John Patrick Shanley
Writers: John Patrick Shanley
Stars: Emily Blunt, Jamie Dornan, Jon Hamm

A romantic comedy set in rural Ireland in the best traditions of the genre based on a Tony-nominated play starring red-headed Emily Blunt and mud-smudged Jamie Dornan as star-crossed lovers.

Headstrong farmer Rosemary Muldoon has her heart set on winning her neighbor Anthony Reilly’s love. The problem is, Anthony seems to have inherited a family curse, and remains oblivious to his beautiful admirer. Stung by his father’s plans to sell the family farm to his American nephew, Anthony is jolted into pursuing his dreams.

A rom-com that will swoon and ignite healthy laughter in quite the same way as Tom Cruise’s “Far and Away” classic, similarly criticised for its paddywhackery cliches and dodgy accents, making it no less loveable for that.

Based on a Tony-nominated play “Outside Mullingar” by John Patrick Shanley, who also won a best original screenplay Oscar in 1988 for “Moonstruck” and a Pulitzer and Tony for his 2004 play Doubt: A Parable.

“These two are destined for one another.” Variety

Couldn’t be a broader caricature of Irish culture if it were written by the Keebler elves and directed by a pint of Guinness.” Indie wire

It is worth mentioning that Walken’s accent is especially bad.” The Guardian

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