Comedy, drama


87 min, 2020, 12+

Director: Dave Minogue
Writer: Dave Minogue
Stars: Trevor O’Connell, Ryan Minogue-Lee, Norma Sheahan

“Uncles are People too”

Poster boys follows a 10-year-old nephew and his no-good 30-something uncle. They embark on a journey around Ireland to sort out a financial mess and skip school. It is a good mixture of the recent Irish road-movies like ‘South’ and ‘The Last Right’, telling a story of self-awareness and family bonding. ‘Poster Boys’ is a good dramedy with some depth and solid acting.

“Incredibly dark humoured and funny throughout, the viewer is rooting for the two poster boys throughout the film. Great acting from the ensemble cast of this rather dysfunctional and true to life, Irish family.” Film Ireland

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