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Have you ever been to Ireland? Just imagine an emerald island in the middle of Atlantic Ocean blue surface. One of its parts is edged by gray cliffs and cold streams fall from their top. Leprechauns wash their gold in giant caves. Majestic mountains carved with lakes give place to windy hills with wild lilac heather. Ancient ruins of churches where St. Patrick could be himself are seen in the valleys among endless Barley fields and green pastures covered with shamrocks. Druids and magicians gather green holly and sacred mistletoe in thick oak woods. All of it is Ireland — the land of ancient Celts.

If you have already imagined this country and people who live there you can take a piece of paper and a pencil, watercolors so you would be set to participate in our children’s drawing competition «Irish Holidays». And we: Irish Week Festival and Creative studios of National Centre for Contemporary Arts as part of ROSIZO will pick a winner who will get a prize.

Organizers: Irish Week 2018, NCCA Creative Studios in ROSIZO
Participants age: 5-12 years old
Location of the competition: Moscow

Winners of the competitions will be chosen by votes of the jury members (5 people), participants who will win in one of three categories will get prizes. After the competition, all participants will be exhibited in a one day show at the National Center for Contemporary Arts in ROSIZO exhibition hall (Zoologicheskaya st., 13).

Curators: Alexandra Orlova, Valery Korchagin
Coordinator: Irina Shkil

Head of the jury: Valery Korchagin — Russian artist, member of the Creative Union of Artists in Russia, chief on the creative studio «Artist’s Book»

Anna Gryaznova — Irish Week director
Gerard McCarthy — scriptwriter, film director, head of the Irish state agency Enterprise Ireland in Russia and CIS. Co-founder of Moscow Irish Film Festival, and Irish Week in Russia
Alexandra Orlova — art historian, curator, member of the Russian Section of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA), member of the Creative Union of Artists in Russia
Arthur Hendrick — attache for cultural relations at the Embassy of Ireland

Works will be collected at Zoologicheskaya st., 13 (Polenov’s House), room 10, contact person Irina Shkil: +7 (917) 581-51-15
Works accepted: 1 February- 2 March 2018
One day show of the works and awards announcement: 11 March 2018 (Zoologicheskaya st., 13, main building)

Requirements for works: size A3 (297×420 mm), on the back side of the work you write the participants name, last name, age, name of the piece, parents contact number.
Technique doesn’t matter, it can be watercolor, gouache, acrylic, collage, and ect.

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