Animation shorts programme for adults is about overcoming your fears and nightmares. Each film reveals a path to an incredibly constructed myth, mirrored universes where heroes are bound to fight the darkness. Same as most of us travel to the darkest places of our minds, frequently falling into imagined worlds full of fears and doubts. The Irish Fantasy programme is the best medicine from ennui and a trustworthy guide on the crossing to the bright side of existence. Leave all sadness, let go of the past. It’s time to reinvent yourself and be joyful.

All works are distinctive in their various styles and techniques, and come from the students of the best film schools of Ireland as well as from established animators.

Ireland, 12+
Running time: 70 min.

Abe’s Story

Set in Victorian London, Abe an overworked Irish writer draws inspiration from his day job in the theatre to write a bloody brilliant novel.

Directed by Adam H Stewart
Written by Adam H Stewart & Garry Walsh
Produced by Eilish Kent

A child is toyed with and tormented in Salem Massachusetts, 1687.

Director: Ann Upton (debut)
Producer: IADT

A girl who works in a late-night supermarket has a strange obsession. After a visit from a late-night customer she becomes paranoid.

Director: Cliona Noonan (debut)
Producer: IADT

A son, banished from his village for refusing to worship a false idol, bears witness to the brewing conflict beyond that may likely destroy civilisation itself.

Director: Robin Lochmann
Producer: Mathias Schwerbrook

Wear & Tear
A girl wakes up to discover that a creature from her nightmares has materialised into reality.
Will she decide to run, or will she face this demon head on?

Director: Rory Kerr
Producer: Rory Kerr

Legend Has It
In a perfect Celtic society, a young girl finds herself face-to-face with a dark family secret.

Director: Ciara Johnson
Producer: Ballyfermot College of Further Education


Special thanks to Eibh Collins for her advice on the programmes of short films 2020.

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