A short films programme dedicated to the jubilee 13th anniversary of the Irish Film Festival (which this year also includes Friday the 13th!). It will let the viewer dive into the atmosphere of horror seasoned with dark Irish humour and satire. The programme includes homages to Hollywood horror blockbusters (‘Something doesn’t feel right’), and science fiction in the manner of ‘Black mirror’ and ‘Doctor Who’ (‘Loving Alex’ and ‘Rip to the rescue!’) as well as completely original view on the genre and the essence of fear.

A serious work ‘Bainne’ (Milk) filmed in classic black&white by actor Jack Reynor (Transformers: The Age of Extinction, Sing Street) in his debut as a director. The film is about the Great Hunger in 19th centuryIreland, the topic that gave birth to dozens and hundreds of works of the deepest horror and utmost heroism.

The first screening on March 14 will be presented by Jack Reynor (‘Bainne’) and Fergal Costello (‘Stephanie’ and ‘Something doesn’t feel right’).

Bus to Dublin
A hurley (ancient Irish martial arts weapon), a sliothar (leather ball), potato chips and a zombie plague, all collide catastrophically on this comic spoof horror bus trip.

Director: Conor McMahon
Producer: The Lir : National academy of dramatic art

Loving Alex
For Dan, ALEX is more than a virtual assistant; he’s his soulmate. Love, jealousy and control all play a part in this dark comedy that was written, produced and edited in 48 Hours as part of the Little Cinema & Galway City of Film 48 Hour Film Challenge.

Director: Jamie Hooper
Producer: Paul D’Eath

Rip to the Rescue!
In a post-apocalyptic Irish midlands, an overconfident American jet pilot tries to rescue a beautiful young woman from her domineering mammy, but ‘round here, getting involved with family can be deadly.

Director: Paudie Baggott (debut)
Producer: Sarah Barr

Something Doesn’t Feel Right
A weary slasher villain puts in the hours necessary to pull off perfect kills until he encounters victims that don’t behave as they should.

Director: Fergal Costello
Producer: Fiona Kinsella

An everyday scenario: two people sitting together, in an ordinary place, completing their unremarkable, mundane tasks… but sometimes life is not so ordinary.

Director: Garry Cooper (debut)
Producer: Simone Kirby

Break Us
Mark and Sophie plan to rob a post office but as things go awry, they each discover what they’re really made of.

Director: Rioghnach Ni Ghrioghair
Producer: Claire McCabe

John and Stephanie wake to the sound of someone outside. This stranger wants Stephanie dead. Why? We come to learn that Stephanie may be harbouring a monstrous secret.

Director: Fergal Costello
Producers: Claire Gormley, Geralyn Costello

Bainne / Milk
Ireland, 1851. A farm hand at the end of the Great Famine encounters a ghostly female figure leading him to a new hope.
Bainne is a co-production between Sky Arts and Screen Ireland

Director: Jack Reynor (debut)
Producers: Lara Hickey, Emer O’Shea

Best First Short Drama – Galway Film Fleadh 2019


Special thanks to Eibh Collins for her advice on the programmes of short films 2020.

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