New comedy shorts from Ireland!

1h 27min
2020, 12+

New short films from Ireland will entertain any viewer. These are joyful sketches from the life of a variety of people: a bartender with a dream of happiness, an ambitious pilot assistant, a resident of a small town in Ireland, a call center operator, and even an algorithm! An interesting addition to the fictional films this year – a sweet romantic story in the short documentary “How to Fall in Love in a Pandemic”, which was nominated for a lot of awards last year.

The Lucky Man

A lonely simple-minded barman working in a dead-end pub in the middle of nowhere rural Ireland has a fleeting encounter with a stranger that lights a flicker of something that might have been, or a glimpse of how things could be…

Director Laoisa Sexton
Producer Ten Thousand Hours

Ascending Grace

First Officer Maedhbh has high hopes for her first day of work. But when she fails to impress her hero, Captain Cara, and with a cabinful of restless passengers, it’s far from what she expected…

Director Claire Byrne
Producer Fiona Kinsella

How to Fall in Love in a Pandemic

A capsule romance accelerates dramatically against the backdrop of the pandemic as two filmmakers are forced to move in together after two weeks of knowing each other.

Director: Michael-David McKernan


When nervy Al has an absurd encounter with a stranger, he begins to question his whole identity.

Director: Edwina Casey
Writer: Simon Ashe Browne

-short interview with Edwina Casey-

Anna Gryaznova: We are also screening HERE ARE THE YOUNG MEN, which you produced, and would love to hear about the connection between these two titles for you.

Edwina Casey: In terms of the connection between the two films I think it is about my development as a filmmaker. I trained originally in theatre at a British drama school. My formation as an artist was in writers such as Shakespeare, Chekov, Beckett – the written word was like a bible for me.

Moving onto screen that has not changed. HERE ARE THE YOUNG MEN is based on a modern Irish novel of the same title while ALGORITHM was written by a novelist friend of mine who approached me about an idea he had.

I feel ALGORITHM confounded in me a love of genre and telling stories through images. Right now I’m in the late stages of development for my debut feature – a crime film set in the Irish hip hop scene – and I hope to carry through a similar love of the visual with this next project.



A man living in the rural west of Ireland builds the means to escape the pains of his existence.

Director: Jesse Gilbert
Writer: Jesse Gilbert

Dead Run

After accidentally killing her husband George, Helen attempts to get rid of his body only to be plagued by his unconventional sister Charlie who is determined to bond over the bizarre circumstances.

Directors: Emma Foley, Tamryn Reinecke (co-director)
Writers: Emma Foley (co-writer), Tamryn Reinecke (co-writer)


A self-obsessed call centre worker deals with a personal heartbreak while on shift as the world crumbles around him… due to a zombie apocalypse.
The film was written, directed and edited in under a week during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in May 2020.

Director & Writer: Jonathan Hughes
Starring: Lennon Clarke

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