Venue: Zverev Center of Contemporary Art, Novoryazanskaya st., 29, building 4, Moscow.
Launch:19th March 2018, 7 PM
Working hours: 20-30 March 2018, 10 AM – 9 PM

Artists: Valery Korchagin, Aaron Smyth
Curator: Alexandra Orlova

Invasion like an intervention… Invasion like a necessary surgery… Invasion like an undesired interference

Artists Valery Korchagin (Russia) and Aaron Smyth (Ireland) investigate this phenomenon through the example of Russian and Irish cultural peculiarities. Each author chose his own style of an artistic statement.

Valery Korchagin’s cycle “Grills” became a research of the dark side of ‘shashliki’ – Russian traditional leisure time. In his artworks, which are made out of authentic waste, the artist investigates the cause of ruthless attitude to nature that looks like a form of barbarity. Korchagin like a surgeon takes out foreign elements from the forest and transforms them into pieces of art.

Aaron Smyth in series “Vertices” studies the variety of the contemporary Irish society. The author is interested in multifacetedness of all social layers. It reminds him a poly-polygon with a lot of vertices which forms a rich palette of types and characters. The artist splits this well-proportional geometric system into isolated elements to show traditions and novelty in his study.

Both series present an original dialogue between two cultures with authors self-identifying themselves in the complex system of national traditions.

Alexandra Orlova

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