Comedy, Drama, Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy

Director: Jon Wright
Cast: Richard Coyle (The Fall, Prince of Persia, Sabrina), Ruth Bradley (Rebellion, Pursuit, Humans, Doctor Who), Lalor Roddy (Hunger), Russell Tovey (Being Human, Quantico, Supergirl, The History Boys), Bronagh Gallagher (Pulp Fiction)

Bringing a classic monster film back to the big screen! Only one screening!

When a sleepy island off the coast of Ireland is invaded by bloodsucking aliens, the heroes discover that getting drunk is the only way to survive after they discover that the monsters are allergic to alcohol…

On Erin Island, an idyllic fishing village off the coast of Ireland, strange doings are afoot: the crew of a fishing boat disappears, whales start appearing dead on the shore, a local lobsterman catches a strange tentacled creature in his trap. Soon it becomes clear to the locals that there’s something very very big out there, and that it’s very very hungry. It’s time to rally the villagers, arm the troops…and head to the pub.

“This movie is by far one of the greatest movies ever created” – audience reviews.

“A near-irresistible Friday-night-out monster picture”– Kim Newman, Empire.

“An inspired premise, appealing cast and mix of laughs and thrills ensuring it’s destined for cult status”– Digital Spy.

“A bright, breezy Irish monster mash boasting gorgeous cinematography, appealing performances and great SFX”– Total Film.

4 wins and 11 nominations, including Best Actress for Ruth Bradley (IFTA).

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