In co-operation with Irish Week/the Irish Film Festival, NES is proud to present a one-hour discussion on world economics featuring Irish economist, columnist, and TV presenter, David McWilliams. The discussion will be moderated by Gerard Michael Mac Carthy, founder of Irish Week.

The discussion will include an overview of the global economic situation including: hot issues and economic flashpoints we should all we aware of; Trump’s America and its effect on global economics; how Russia is seen in the West from an economic point of view;  globalisation; the gap between the haves and have-nots; over-population; the threat to world water supply; climate change; the employment revolution due to AI; Brexit – what is it, what does it mean for the UK, for Ireland, for the European idea, for the rest of the world.


David McWilliams is an Irish economist, journalist, author and documentary filmmaker. David is Adjunct Professor of international Economics at the school of business in Trinity College Dublin. In 2017, he was ranked 10thmost influential economist in the world and is the third most followed economist in the world on twitter. He is the author of five bestsellers, one of which “The Pope’s Children” is the best-selling non-fiction book published in Ireland in the past twenty years. He writes a weekly column for the Irish Times and is a regular contributor to the Financial Times.

David has dedicated his professional activities to the goal of making the economy accessible and understandable to the widest possible audience. In this regard, together with Irish Week guest Richard Cook, he co-founded Kilkenomics economic stand-up festival, which The Financial Times called “the best economic conference in the world”.

McWilliams worked as an economist at the Central Bank of Ireland (Central Bank of Ireland), was chief economist at Swiss Bank ‘UBS’, the largest in Europe, and directed the research of emerging markets in the National Bank of Paris (Banque Nationale de Paris).

Gerard Michael Mac Carthy

Gerard Michael Mac Carthy is the former head of Enterprise Ireland, the Irish government agency for exports, innovation, and investment in Russia/CIS. He was the Irish Trade and Commerce representative on the Ireland-Russian Joint Economic Commission from 2011-2018. He is also a writer, film director, producer and scriptwriter, and is the co-founder of Irish Week, the Irish Film Festival, and SUBTITLE festival in Moscow. His new short film, “Restoration” (29 min) will be completed in April.



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