Director: Kaspar Jancis
Producers: Kerdi Oengo, Andrus Raudsalu, Paul Cummins, Mark Mertens, Robin Lyons
Writers: Kaspar Jancis, Mike Horelick, Paul Risacher, Robin Lyons
DOP: Ragnar Neljandi
Composer: Pierre Yves Drapeau
Productions: Nukufilm OÜ, Telegael, Grid VFX, Calon
Festivals: Zagreb, Annecy

Duration: 79 minutes

Estonia, Belgium, Ireland, United Kingdom, 2018, 6+

A young boy learns to take control over his life when he is shrunk to the size of an insect and has to sail his own toy boat through a flooded café. Morten has to be shrunk down before he can grow up.
Morten builds a toy boat which he crews with insects. This is his escape from the unhappy world of the harbour café where he lives with his aunt Anna.
When he is shrunk in a botched magic trick he finds himself sailing his own boat across the flooded café. The insect crew look uncannily like his aunt and the people she orders around. Morten has to reassess his relationships, save the crew from shipwreck and take control of his life.

“A clever stop-motion movie about the adventures of a young boy and his creature friends” Animation Magazine

German Institute for Animated Film: “boundlessly imaginative adventure with excellent animation and lovingly crafted characters. An enchanting and adorable story, told in an original and detailed way”.

“The puppet stop-motion animation is nothing less than gorgeous, and the whole design is well thought-out and attractive” Cineuropa



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KARO Oktyabr


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