IRISH WEEK 2022, the largest festival of Irish cinema, music and culture in Europe, is happy to invite applications for participаtion in our anniversary 10th Festival taking place from March 17-27, 2022.

In this special year, the Festival’s organisers intend broadening the scope of IRISH WEEK through including new venues, events and, hopefully, new exciting artists, performers, and musicians across a range of disciplines, with a particular focus on modern interpretations of Irish culture.

We invite everyone who is close to Irish culture to apply to take part in the Festival. If selected, music, dance, theater, and artistic groups and solo performers will have the opportunity to appear in some of the largest performance venues in Moscow, also reaching a large social media audience through online broadcasts of our events.

Event venues, bars/pubs, restaurants, and galleries in Moscow and other cities have the opportunity to offer their space and/or events to participate in the Festival. And partners or sponsors with ideas for cooperation are always welcome to explore and discuss new cooperation ideas with us.

What’s in it for IRISH WEEK participants:
– officially joining the program of the country’s largest festival of Irish culture
– the opportunity to get exposure to a large audience both live, and in online broadcasts
– extensive coverage in the media, social networks, and offline channels promoting the Festival
– networking with like-minded people and the possibility of cooperating and building relationships with representatives of Ireland’s cultural and commercial ecosystem.

What IRISH WEEK expects from participants:
– quality performances/content/events
– coherent and coordinated branding of any information and advertising messages in accordance with the requirements of the Festival
– compliance with IRISH WEEK’s rules of cooperation

Looking forward to discovering new talent, new ideas and developing new partnerships in 2022!



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