St. Patricks Night Party – DJ Chris D (Ireland) & Kosher Disco
St. Patricks Night Party – DJ Chris D (Ireland) & Kosher Disco

17 марта 2018 | 18:00 – 02:00 fb

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Join one of Ireland’s top ‘Old Skool’ vinyl only DJ’S for a night of House music.


Resident Flashback DJ Chris D has been on the Irish music scene since the early 80’s. Chris D was instrumental in the foreground and the background of the Irish Dance scene from its conception and his hard work helped lay the foundation for the dance scene we enjoy today. People who used to go to the brilliant Waterfront / Columbia Mills will remember Chris who played every Thursday for several years, he has also regularly guested in the all the top clubs, Kitchen, the Ormond and Temple Theatre. PA’s Dundalk and numerous other places and has supported the Cream of DJ’;s as Ian Ossia from Renaissance and Manchester legendary DJ Nipper and most recently the godfather of Rave, DJ Slipmatt and 808 State. Chris has also supported the legendary SL2 and Q-Sound as well. The familiar face behind the counter of Outlaw records and the founder of One Cut Studios Dublin’s first DJ studio, Chris was also part of the Inner conscience Crew that brought us the Irish records, Moonboom Jacobs ladder and the Garden of Eden parties. Chris’s skilful hands on mixing style needs to be seen and his tune selection is second to none.

The major part that Chris has played on the Irish dance scene not only in the foreground like most other DJs but his hard work and dedication behind the scene must be acknowledged and its fitting and deserved that he have the title Irish Dance Music Legend.