Events and activities for kids during IRISH WEEK

March 25-26 Irish Animation Shorts
25 March 13:30
25 March 16:30
25 March 19:30
26 March 13:30
26 March 16:30
26 March 19:30
30 March Storytelling workshop
1 April
11.00, 13.00, 16.00
“Silver tree” – an Irish play based on a Romanian legend Philharmonia-2
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Get a ticket for “Irish Animation Shorts” for 100 RUB upon attending a “Pettson & Findus workshop“!

Pettson & Findus workshops go Irish on March 25-26th!

bfm2320385115IRISH WEEK and the 10th Irish Film Festival in cooperation with the Big Animation Film Festival are happy to present Pettson & Findus workshops named after the characters from “Pettson and Findus: A Little Nuisance, A Great Friendship”. The fun begins on March 25th and 26th in KARO 11 OKTYABR cinema!.

The first event of Pettson and Findus workshop is dedicated to Ireland. As a part of the Irish Festival in KARO kids are going to create their own cartoon about mythical Irish creatures, make a magic pot and plant a lucky four-petal clover in it!

The workshops will continue during the school holidays time from March 25 to April 2.

Artists and designers will recreate an atmosphere of a Swedish village with engaging workshops for children and adults. Immerse yourself in the world of Findus’s tricks and get ready to meet spring. With the guidance from skillful masters you will learn how to build a sailing ship for the first spring brooks, sew the strongest sails and make pots for spring flowers and tasty spicy herbs. And, naturally, how to make cartoons!

Our stop-motion animation workshop will allow your kids to create a cartoon using anything Pettson’s garage provides. Sand animation workshop hidden in the kitchen will become a space for cartoon-making using everything scattered round by Findus including barley, rice and pasta (you name it!)

noalan“Silver Tree”, an Irish play based on a Romanian legend

On Saint Patrick’s Day, which from now on Russians celebrate on March 30t, Claudia Noonan, an actress and a drama teacher from Ireland will present a workshop in storytelling. On April 1 she will take the leading part in “Silver Tree”, a play based on the legend about Romanian fairy, a sweet little gem of a show that will delight your children and yourself in equal measure!

Performances start at 11.00, 13.00, 16.00

Address: Michurinskiy pr, Olimpiyskaya derevnya str, 1
+7 495 776 23 06