Irish Shorts Programme 2017

shortfilm_2a81 min, 16+

The Shorts Programme 2017 is all about relationships and learning the importance of communication. This almanac of six films will put you in a meditative mood to reflect on your relationships with the loved ones. The Shorts Programme is built around the wonderful film STUTTERER which won the Oscars 2016 for Best Live Action Short Film.

Screened at the Moscow Irish Film Festival in March 2017 and at the Irish Film Club in Moscow and St Petersburg in July 2017.


Films in the programme:


5739630632016 Oscar Academy Award Winner for Best Live Action Short Film

Time: 12 min
Genre: Drama
Director: Benjamin Cleary
Writer: Benjamin Cleary
Stars: Matthew Needham, Chloe Pirrie, Eric Richard

A man whose lush inner thoughts are render mute by a crippling stutter feels isolated from the world despite a flourishing online relationship. 



Time: 17 min
Genre: Drama
Director: Shimmy Marcus
Writer: Shimmy Marcus
Stars: Fionn Walton, Aylin Tezel, Cal Kenealy

Short Ingrid and Thomas are thrown together by circumstance. Despite a language barrier, they learn more about each other than they thought possible.



Genre: Drama
Duration: 14.30 mins
Director: Jonathan Shaw
Producer: Lisa Kelly
Stars: Niamh Algar, Stephen Brennan, Sean Duggan

On her 50th Wedding Anniversary a woman returns to the Hotel where she spent her Honeymoon. Will her estranged Husband return to honour a promise?


Genre: Drama
Duration: 12 mins
Director: Audrey O’Reilly
Producer: Lyndzi Doyle
Stars: Rory Keenan, Owen Roe

Short Synopsis: When an important pigeon race and a rare visit home by his son Martin coincide, Charlie finds himself waiting to see if each will make it home safely. ‘Wait’ is both a poetic and gently dramatic portrait of a father/son relationship.



Genre: Drama
Duration: 13 mins
Director: Aidan Largey
Producer: Margaret McGoldrick
Stars: David Rawle, Aaron Lynch, Jenny Walsh

A child genius enlists his best friend to build a time machine in an attempt to escape his distant father and connect with the mother he never knew.


Genre: Drama
Duration: 15 mins
Director: by James Doherty
Producer: Peter Frankie Brennan
Stars: John Connors

Breathe follows Patrick, who becomes increasingly concerned with his young son Francie’s femininity. The film questions how far a man is willing to defend his family name when the one threatening his legacy is his own son. Does he have the capacity to change and accept him?

Special thanks to Eibh Collins for her help with shorts programme 2016 and 2017.

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